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The author summarized the Key Takeaways for a successful Public Private Partnership as follows: New governments or administrations must respect Contracts and Agreements of previous governments or administrations. For example, a new government should not cancel old contracts. 2. There should be a master plan of Infrastructural development and renewal. 3. There is a need for specialized laws that guide PPP transactions. 4. Promote the ease of doing business. 5. Improve the capacity of public sector operators- There has to be capacity building and training of public officers. 6. Need to address the Security challenges to reduce the Political or Country Risk. These types information are available to investors from publications like Economic Intelligence publication. 7. Need for Buy-In of critical Stakeholders and Investors. 8. Ensure proper due diligence: check capacity, competence and character of the investor. 9. Ensure financial closure before Project commences. 10. Ensure that knowledgeable and Skillful transaction advisors and financial consultants are engaged. Responding to a question bothering on the poor reading culture of the Blackman and whether the book is going to be published online, Mr. Sam Inengite said that, Training and capacity building would take care of the lack of reading culture of the targeted public. Also he said the book can be taken Chapter by Chapter instead of reading the whole book. Also regarding the poor reading habit, he said that Chapter In his reaction, Mr. Okezie Okereke of Red Sapphire Nigeria Ltd consultants to the author said that the present government takes the issue of PPP very seriously. He said the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission ICRC was formed on the 27th of November 2008 and that the present government has shown goodwill by forwarding the name of the Ag. Director General, a very competent hand, Engr. Chidi K. C. Izuwah to the National Assembly for confirmation. Mr. Okezie reiterated that the power sector companies like DISCOs and GENCOs are all PPP Projects. He said he believed the book will serve as an eye opener for government to take more informed PPP decisions and implementation of PPP Projects. Answering a question bothering on favorable legislation for PPP, the author said that it was necessary to have a single law guiding the processes of Public Private Partnerships rather that the current approximation of about 15 laws we have today in Nigeria. This he said will encourage investors that are willing to invest in the country to come in and invest. On his strategy to combat copy right violators, he said the strategy was to launch the hard copy first and allow it to run for some time before the e-book will be launched. On the question of getting the National Assembly to Buy-In to the PPP concept and ensure legislation that will enhance the whole process of PPP success, the author said that some of the special guests at the Book Launch, about five of them are members of the National Assembly. He said that would be a good starting point to start lobbying. In conclusion the author said that the book was not about criticism but rather it was about proffering solutions to the Infrastructure deficit and laying a solid foundation for the success of Public Private Partnerships in Nigeria.




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